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Care + Chinchilla 1.5kg – super premium food for chinchilla care + is extremely tasty, well-balanced, Complete dry food for chinchillas. Recipe food was developed in cooperation with veterinarians, nutritionists and breeders of chinchillas. Special production process using high-pressure and temperature (extrusion), provides a high bioavailability of the protein, eliminated from the diet bacteria, molds and viruses, making this healthy, safe and nutritionally balanced meal. Chinchillas have very sensitive digestive tract. They require a diet very low in fat and carbohydrates with a significant concentration of ballast. Care + also provides proteins with high biological value to ensure optimal growth. This food is a low fat content comprising a respective balanced ratio of unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 to omega-3 and accessories such as echinacea and Spirulina. Based on the action of vitamin E protection system protects the animal cells from the damaging effects of external factors. Chelated minerals (i.e. minerals combined organic structures) are readily absorbed, and thus the mineral balance of the body is maintained. Summary of FOS; MOS acts as prebiotics protect the intestine and creates favorable conditions for the process of digestion. The extract of Yucca schidigera helps reduce the smell of excrement and urine. So your pet, living in a clean, fresh environment will no longer cause embarrassing events. ; Composition:, cereals, vegetable products (Yucca schidigera 0.2% Echinacea 0.05%, MOS – yeast cell wall 90 mg / kg FOS 63 mg / kg), vegetable protein extracts, minerals, vegetables, seeds , yeasts, algae (spirulina 0.01%). Analytical constituents:; 20% crude protein, oils and fats 3.3%, crude fiber 20.1%, crude ash 5.7%, moisture 9.5%, calcium (Ca) 0.79%, phosphorus (P ) 0.57%, sodium (Na) 0.2%, magnesium (Mg) 0.2% potassium (K) 1.04%. Nutritional additives:; vit. A 20,500 IU, vit. D3 1740 IU, vit. E 67.5 mg, vit. C 12.3 mg, vit. K3 3,8 mg, vit. B1 19.2 mg, vit. B2 18.9 mg, vit. B6 17.8 mg, 74.4 mg nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate 36 mg, vit. B12 61 ug, 618 ug, biotin, folic acid 12.1 mg.6

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