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Product description: Feed Trovet MRT is a complete and balanced food suitable levels of nutrients in the prevention and alleviation of metabolic changes caused by failure, heart or liver, and in the case of food intolerance and alerii. Forage Trovet MRT is characterized by a reduced level, phosphorus, protein and sodium which mitigates hyperphosphatemia and azotemia and allows to control heart failure, hypertension and ascites. High quality protein, with rabbit meat provides cover the minimum daily requirement of amino acids and to maintain proper kidney function. Elevated levels of B vitamins inhibits the development of the disease and contributes to alleviate the symptoms. Add substance raising the pH of the urine prevents metabolic acidosis preventing the development of calculi in the urinary oxalate. A suitable proportion of omega 6 and omega 3 normalizes glomerular capillary pressure. Use of rabbit allows the use of delicacy as in animals with a food allergy. Based on current analysis, the value of the signs and MRT diets; MLT, have been reviewed. This resulted in changes indications and thus both products are now more clearly directed at specific diseases. ; This caused division between renal failure and urolithiasis Struvite. We received one major indication for each product, which – in the case of the MRT – is Struvite urolithiasis. TROVET Multi Purpose MRT can be administered for life. ; Previous designation diet; it Trovet MRT RRT. Applications: For adult dogs bowel disease with cardiac problems / diseases of the stomach heart Analysis: Humidity 8; 12.5% protein, 6.5% fat, 67.5% carbohydrates 3% ash, 2.5% fiber,% Ingredients: rice, glucose, rabbit meat , poultry fat, flax, cellulose, chicken liver (hydrolyzate), vitamins and trace elements, sodium chloride Minerals: Calcium 0.3% Phosphorus 0.25% sodium 0.1% Potassium 0.4% Zinc 100 mg / kg copper 10.5 mg / kg Chloride 1.2% 0.06% Magnesium 1.65 Iodine mg / kg of energy: 14 MJ / kg (3355 kcal / kg) Use of pet food; TROVET Multi Purpose MRT (meat from rabbit) it is recommended to serve as a functional delicacy dogs over 6 months of age. Karma is well suited to support recovery in the event of cardiac problems or allergic. TROVET Multi Purpose MRT may be provided; lifelong Contraindications: Height (not suitable for puppies) Hypersensitivity proteins rabbit Urolithiasis caused by other rocks than oxalate Vitamins: Vitamin A 15 000 IU / kg Vitamin D3 1 500 IU / kg Vitamin E 125 mg / kg

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