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Trovet ASD diet is characterized by a reduced level of minerals influencing the formation of urinary calculi-Struvite. Reduced the level of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Increased fat content allows you to maintain a healthy weight. High quality protein increase the palatability of feed. Trovet ASD diet lowers the pH of the urine, which leads to the prevention and dissolution of the stones in the urinary tract and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacterial flora. Applications: In adult cat kidney Urolithiasis / oxalate struvites analysis: Protein content 11.0%, fat 6.5% ash 2.0% Fiber 0.2% Moisture 78.0% Carbohydrates 2.3% vitamin A 1 000 J.M. Vitamin D3 125 IU Calcium 0.22% Phosphorus 0.20% Sod 0.13% 0.22% Potassium chloride 0.20% Magnesium 0.12% Sulfur 0.02% manganese, 1.1 mg of monocalcium phosphate 0.50% Taurine 500 mg Ingredients: pork, beef (min. 24%), chicken, rice, vitamins and minerals, chicken liver (hydrolyzate). Energy:; 4.3 MJ / kg (1,018 kcal / kg) Application: Duration of the diet TROVET ASD; Urinary struvite, should be from 6 to 8 weeks from the onset of problems associated with urolithiasis – this will prevent recurrence of the disease and lead to a complete cure of the lower urinary tract. After this period the feed Trovet ASD can be used for life as a practical, everyday food for cats. Contraindications: Kittens and cats pregnant and lactating cats receiving urine acidifying substances Cats with stones other than struvites Cats with stones szczawianowymi.

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